The road may be rough, the journey maybe tough and the experiences may be bitter, but they are stepping stones….”

Building Resilience & Developing Self-Esteem & Counselling

for children, young people and adults to gain Emotional Wellbeing. 

Building Resilience

Resilience is about having the ability to maintain personal wellbeing when faced with difficult, demanding and challenging situations.

Resilience enables us to take a step towards making changes in our lives to be able to cope better with whatever life throws at us.

By building resilience, we can gain an inner strength, bounce back and navigate our way through daily challenges more effectively.

Being resilient helps us to understand what we need and want the knowledge of how to achieve it.

Resilience helps us gain more confidence in ourselves to be more adaptable and more accepting of self and others and develops our inner personal and emotional resources.

Individual 6 weekly 1hour sessions empowering you to find your path, to stay on track and develop as an individual

Developing Self-Esteem

Bad feelings or unwelcome troubling thoughts impact on us daily.

Self-esteem enables us to have a stronger belief in ourselves and allows us to be confident in handling that may be overwhelming or unmanageable.

Developing self-esteem increases confidence in our ability to think, feel and cope with challenges.

In developing self-esteem, we gain a greater self-awareness, understanding and acceptance of who we are.

Self-esteem allows us to increase our ability to recognise and to develop strategies to manage feelings of low mood, anxiety or stress.

Self-esteem enables us to be more confident, to move forward in a more satisfying and positive way especially when we seem to end up in the same situation or feel unable change direction.

Individual 6 weekly 1hour sessions empowering you to find your path, to stay on track and develop as an individual


At some point in our lives, from the minute we enter this world, we may all experience situations that result in us becoming isolated, overwhelmed or emotionally lost in a dark place. These difficult situations unbalance us and make us feel detached from the rest of the world and those around us and often unable to function.

Often the simplest of tasks become almost impossible and the worry, fear and anxiety that’s caused dominates our every thought, feeling and behaviour.

Counselling allows time and freedom to say whatever we want and may never have had the chance or courage to say before. Counselling allows us to talk to someone who doesn’t judge, criticise or offer unwanted comments.

Counselling is confidentially, it’s safe and there’s no pressure. Counselling enables us to explore life events that impact on us, whatever they may be.

Counselling creates an understanding of thoughts, emotions and behaviours and generates ways of coping, managing and handling ourselves and our response to situations, people, places and events.

Counselling is about a process of change in the way we see, think, feel and behave and experience the world and those around us.

Hourly face to face evidence-based Counselling in an unlimited time frame.  mobile: 07828599217

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